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The selections below will take you direct to the downloadable resources but it is recommended that you first visit the Evangelism Year pages using the main menu above or by clicking the images to find summaries of each resource and links to additional items needed for some of the resources 

SEASONS - Autumn
 Ideas for Autumn
 Thinking ahead about Advent & Christmas (currently not available)
Exploring Evangelism Taster powerpoint
Exploring Evangelism Taster Script
Telling our story introduction
Story telling based on Mark 10:46-52
The good man Jesus
Life of Peter - There are further files to go with this item
Life of Andrew
Stories of unfinished evangelism
Acts bible study
Community Work and Evangelism intro article

How to help someone make a commitment
Things Churches Do -_Messy Church
Things Churches Do - Alpha
Things Churches Do - Healing On The Streets
Back to Church Sunday

Theological intro to V4L Evangelism Year
Community Work and Evangelism - resource articles
 Ethics of Evangelism - review

Songs of committment and affirmation
All are welcome
Bible links for Charter for Evangelism


An increasing selection of links and other resources produced by other organisations are available on the Help page. Including TLS Gateways to Evangelism - GEAR Evangelism and Renewal Advocates - Not Ashamed - Hope Together - Just 10 - Back to Church Sunday - Mission Enabled - Internet Evangelism Day - Talking of God.
Click the Help heading to take a look.