Seasons - Advent & Christmas

The Main Courses illustrate four key episodes in the big Bible story, which holds together the Old Testament, the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament.

2 of the main courses (1 & 4) appear in the Bible Year booklet (see the Bible Year pdf booklet).

  1. And God said
  2. Who do you think you are
  3. Remembering Him
  4. Welcome to Corinth

Additional Main courses

Film and the bible including  a 5 week course using the film "The Terminal" and other resources based around the use of film

Waiting at the bottom of the mountain is a study using a remembered bible technique and using the experience of families with children who have disabilities.

Studies in Mark's Gospel is a series of 4 studies useful for anytime and tie in with this year's common lectionary gospel.

‘Encounters in Mark’s Gospel’ by John Campbell, brings you suggestions for a series of up to fifteen small-group conversations based on particular stories in Mark’s Gospel.
John is sorry he has not been well enough to complete this work yet - but he's feeling better now and more are on the way

U-Turn for climate change