Advent resources

advent special - one - The story we all know

re-examining the Christmas Story and the Gospels

This is an ‘advent special’ Bible conversations that probably should have been available at the start of Bible Year but didn’t seem to have made it onto the website, so here it is now at the start of Prayer year, to help groups that are still engaging with the Bible even whilst they are extending their explorations in prayer.

Download v4l-advent-special-one.pdf

advent special - two - Mary's Yes

This Bible study is about Mary, as she is presented to us in the opening chapters of Luke’s Gospel, but also her other appearances in that Gospel and the Book of Acts. Mary’s story lays before us just how costly saying “Yes!” to God can be. We are invited to place our own story alongside hers and see what we can learn about the effects of an intervening God let loose in our lives.

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Woodwork Nativity

This is a project for those of you who are handy with wood and can be shared with those who are not! It is a little late for 2008 but maybe you could plan it for next year?

Download Woodwork Nativity

Extra Advent Materials

Here you will find access to additional materials that have been supplied to the V4L steering group and are commended by the group for your use but not produced by them. There are also some suggested titles from other sources - scroll down to see

Advent Booklet produced by Eastern Synod

The booklet is meant to be able to be used by individuals and study groups for meditation and reflection or for worship starters.

Download the Advent Booklet designed to be printed as separate pages
Download the Advent Booklet designed to be printed double-sided and stapled together

Advent Booklet produced by Churches in Manchester

Chorlton Centre Church (Baptist and URC), Chorlton Methodist Churches, Manley Park Methodist Church, Wilbraham St Ninians URC
Daily reflections for Advent from various contributors. The preface says:

'At the beginning of Advent, we invite you to join us in reading, reflecting, and praying: with prophets, poets, evangelists and apostles – through Biblical texts and through the eyes of people of Chorlton and beyond. Many of the people who contributed discovered a fresh engagement with the Bible that was exciting and challenging. For some, it was the first time they had worked with the Bible in this way; others returned to the Bible, seeking fresh understanding on familiar stories. For all, it became a journey of new insights and a deeper awareness of something greater than themselves.'

The document is intended to print as a 32 page booklet on A4 paper with two A5 pages per side but is not laid out in booklet form.

Download the Advent Booklet produced by churches in Manchester

From Other Sources:


Grove Biblical Series - B9   The Christmas Stories in Faith and Preaching

John Proctor

A brief review by Rev Brian Harley, Shanklin
John taught me New Testament when I was at Cambridge and I always enjoyed his clear, detailed and well thought through presentation of material. Here is a brilliant resource for helping consider how one handles the Biblical material concerning Jesus’ origins and the appropriate emphasis for preaching from each gospel. This is a concise booklet packed with really useful insights and I commend it to you as well worth the investment of a couple of hours of reading. As well as considering the different gospels, John looks at the “closely connected” doctrines of incarnation and the virgin birth.

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Grove Booklets, Ridley Hall Cambridge                 01223 464748

ISBN 9781851743827    £3.50

Cover to Cover 31 Day Advent Guides – A spiritual focus for personal or group use.

During the last two Advent seasons I have used these respective guides for my personal devotions and found both to be very stimulating and helpful in keeping me focussed during this busy ministry season. They are each different in style and approach but have a practical edge that makes one think and then to apply the passage of Scripture to daily life. I found them a them refreshing change from other materials I have used and would thoroughly recommend them to others, even if you get started a bit late!

Rev Brian Harley, Shanklin

A Journey Through Advent   Rob Frost   2004

ISBN 1-85345-312-9      £3.99

Advent Hope      Joel Edwards   2007

ISBN 978-1-85345-426-4 £4.99
CWR  Cover2cover Available from most Christian Bookshops
New this year in the same series (but untested!):  

Joy to the World     David Coffey 2008

ISBN 978-85345-475-2 £6.99