United Reformed Church Archive

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United Reformed Church Archive, 1972-present

Page 2 URC archiveThe URC archive was launched in early 2012 following a two year cataloguing programme. The collection tells the story of the national URC from its foundation in 1972 to the present day. It documents the URC’s activities in many areas, from youth work to ministries, ecumenical relations to work on social issues. It includes the records of the church’s governing committees, photos of URC events, audio recordings of General Assembly, resources produced by the URC and much more. The archive is housed in the Congregational Library at Dr Williams’s Library in London.

Pilots Archive, 1936-present

The archive of Pilots, a Christian organisation for young people, forms part of the URC archive.

Ministers’ records

Ministers’ records also form part of the main URC archive. However, these records are subject to data protection and security restrictions and are not accessible to researchers until 30-50 years after a minister’s death. For basic information on where ministers served and dates of service please contact the URC Records Manager at the address below.


Archive catalogue

The complete archive catalogue can be accessed here.

Enquiries and access

If you would like to find out more, or consult the archive, please contact:

URC archive
The Congregational Library,
Dr Williams’s Library,
14 Gordon Square,
London WC1H 0AR.
Phone: 020 7387 3727
Email: enquiries@dwlib.co.uk
Website: www.dwlib.co.uk/dwlib 

Pilots archive
Records Manager (Mon, Tues, Wed)
United Reformed Church House,
86 Tavistock Place,
London WC1H 9RT.
Phone: 020 7916 2020
Email: recordsmanager@urc.org.uk

Depositing Records in the Archives

We want to ensure that the URC archive is as comprehensive as possible. If you have any records which you think are important to the national URC archive, please contact the Records Manager, using the address above.

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