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Reporting repairs

Repair categories imageFind out about the types of repair work carried out and how you can report repairs to us. 

Repair categories

When you report a repair, it is categorised before we raise an order.

The following are examples of repair categories:

A repair is deemed an emergency when there is danger to the occupant’s health and or risk to their safety, or of serious damage to the home, or a risk of serious damage to, loss of the occupant’s property, including loss by theft.

It could also include a situation where immediate action will prevent deterioration to the property.

Examples of an emergency repair include, but are not limited to:

  • burst water pipes/tanks

  • no water supply

  • total electrical failure

  • broken door locks

  • ceiling collapse

  • major or dangerous leaks leading to structural damage

  • broken windows

  • gas leaks

  • no hot water or heating

  • defective WC (if only WC in the house)

  • certain infestations

For emergency repairs, contact Spire on 01384 884 040. You will be asked to quote a reference number and this can be found in letters the RMHS has sent you about your property. 



These are faults that require immediate attention but do not give rise to an emergency or pose health and safety risk.

Examples of an urgent repair include, but are not limited to:

  • central heating not working (depending on time of year)

  • no gas supply

  • leaking WC

  • electrical fittings

  • roof leaks or defects

Report an urgent repair

This category comprises non-urgent work where the fault does not cause danger to the tenant or the public.

Examples of a routine repair include, but are not limited to:

  • moss removal

  • major roof repair (if not under planned maintenance)

  • damaged fencing, paths or garden walls

  • renewing paving slabs

  • repairs to external rendering, pointing or brickwork

  • doors, windows and general joinery repairs

  • renewal of doors and windows (if not under planned maintenance)

  • general minor repairs, including floors, garage roofs and guttering

Report a routine repair

Reporting repairs

For emergency repairs, contact Spire on 01384 884 040. You will be asked to quote a reference number and this can be found in letters the RMHS has sent you about your property. 

All other repairs must be reported to the Society. Staff will categorise the repair and advise you on next steps. Repairs can be reported by email, phone or letter.

Whether you or someone else is reporting a repair, whether to Spire or the Society, the following information will help to speed up your request:

  • your name, address and telephone number (plus ID you were given previously if reporting to Spire)

  • as much information about the fault as possible

The staff team will raise a works order once a contractor has been identified. In certain situations, you may be requested to assist by identifying a local handyman. In such cases, quotations should be sent directly to the Society for approval.

Tenants are reminded not to authorise repairs; the staff team must go through stringent checks first.

  • Visit the Your home page to find out more about repairs and responsibilities