Retired Ministers' Housing Society

Planned maintenance and cyclical work

Planned maintenance and cyclical work comprises scheduled works carried out to keep the RMHS’ properties in good working order.

Planned maintenance work

The servicing or replacement of all mechanical and electrical equipment is carried out on a periodic basis in accordance with regulatory and manufacturers’ guidelines.

These works are planned, usually over a 15- or 30-year period, and involve the replacement of various parts of the home such as kitchens, bathrooms, rewiring, roof, windows and doors and the central heating system.

In addition to this, our surveyors visit your home every five years to assess its condition, including components. This is also called stock conditions survey and profiling. This information informs us about the lifespan of various consituent parts that feed into our planned work. Premature failure of these features fall under response repairs. 

Residents who have equity in the property will be expected to pay their pro-rata share of the costs of planned works.

Cyclical work

Under our cyclical programme, the Society proposes to decorate the outside of your home every five years.

We also undertake other planned annual works, such as gas appliance testing/servicing and gutter clearing/cleaning.