Retired Ministers' Housing Society

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please read our FAQs if you have an questions about the services we provide.  

No, you cannot carry out this work or ask friends, families or third-party companies to do it. 

The RMHS has a responsibility to ensure that all repairs and maintenance work carried out in your home is needed, is legally compliant and carried out by qualified experts and contractors. 

As a charity we endeavour to be good stewards of our assets, manage our budgets well, secure value for money and have an audit trail of the type and frequency of repairs carried out.

We achieve this by bulk contracting these services repairs and maintence work and by employing two fulltime surveyors who assess all repairs and maintence work to determine what needs to be done and to what standard. 

While conservatories are attractive and may serve useful purpose when they are new but they are expensive to maintain. As much as possible, the Society avoids installing conservatories or purchasing properties that have them.

Shower rooms are classed as an adaption and an occupational therapist’s assessment is required before we can undertake this work due to the high cost.

Not all properties are structurally sound to take the additional loading of the photovoltaic panels. In some locations, photovoltaic panels are not in keeping with the neighbourhood.

As the government withdrew the Feed In Tariff, which was a financial incentive to fit these panels, it is no longer viable at this time.

More cost-effective environmentally friendly alternatives such as improving insulation levels in a property can be made.

It is possible but you have to write to us to enable us to make adequate assessments. 

Please see your tenancy agreement or visit the Your tenancy page of the website.

No. The RMHS is a charity and not an investment company and must therefore abide by its Objects. The provision of homes is essentially for those in financial need.

Yes you can, however the RMHS does not participate in purchasing properties in these schemes.

You can downsize from a house to a bungalow. However, we no longer purchase leasehold properties, sheltered or supported accommodation.       

The RMHS encourages housing applicants to consider location carefully before the Society purchases a retirement home for them. You can relocate later to be nearer your children but there are high costs associated with this.

If you are considering such a move, please write to the Society and this will be considered on a case by case basis.

If you still have questions or matters you want to discuss, please contact us.