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PILOTS have a range of resources available for affiliated companies. 

Each year an Overseas Voyage magazine is produced which has as its theme one of the countries that the URC has a connection with as part of the World Wide Church.  This booklet, in loose-leaf or PDF form, is packed with games, recipes, activites and crafts, information, and prayers providing material for a project based on that country. Many companies use this as part of their programme planning, others may focus on it for a full day of activities on a theme or for an act of worship. Recent countries covered have been Canada, South Korea and Pakistan and the theme for the coming year is Taiwan. 

In the past, Pilots has also produced annual worship material on a theme. This is now incorporated into a bigger resource booklet on the Children's and Youth Work theme for the year. 2020's theme was Common Ground and the resource book is available on the general resources page for Children's and Youth Work, with the Pilots worship material forming a pull-out section of four planned sessions as the centre pages. Next year's resource booklet and worship material will be on the theme of Heroes and Villains and will be available from January 2020. Using the worship material, Pilots companies may choose to follow the theme in preparing a service for Pilots Sunday in June. 

Additionally, Pilots have a range of merchandise ranging from polo shirts and sweatshirts, badges and awards to promotional  bags and frisbees 

Affiliated companies can order any of these by using the order form on URCLE and sending it to the PILOTS DESK. 


       Pilots OSV19 cover          Front page image

The Pilots Overseas Voyage is available to affiliated companies on the Pilots URCLE page or by emailing the Pilots Desk. 

Pilots Worship materials are included in the annual CYW resource book and are available as PDF download on our resources page. 


What's New? 

SuperslFront Cover smalleuths Holiday Club Materials   Link through to our dedicated webpage for the Supersleuths Holiday Club material and supplementary resources. Set in a 1950s detective agency, Supersleuths investigates seven Bible characters in five sessions. There are advisory sections on how to set up and run the holiday club, how to consider using Zoom or doing some sessions outside, suggested session plans, and four appendices for adapting the material for other ages. 


Greta Nicaragua both booklets front coversGo with Greta to Nicaragua and #connect2 Nicaragua are the new publication produced in partnership with Pilots and Commitment for Life. The booklet will be mailed to all Pilots Companies and Commitment for Life churches on 24 June 2021. On this date the materials will go live on the dedicated webpage and you will be able to access and download them there. Go with Greta comprises six sessions aimed at five to eleven year olds while #connect2 is aimed at eleven to fourteen year olds and follows a parallel pattern. Both sections include an intergenerational celebration as the sixth session. There is also an accompanying video on YouTube. 


URC Training  The videos of our URC Training sessions, hosted by Children's and Youth Work in partnership with Education and Learning, are available on the URC Training playlist on the CYW YouTube channel. 

A PDF of Ann-Marie Nye's slides from her first session on 'sharing stories: what makes a good story' is available here

Supplements to the bi-monthly newsletter

Advent supplement (pdf | 1349kb)
Resources for lockdown (pdf | 3346kb)
CPD (pdf | 3915kb)
Anxiety, grief and loss (pdf | 3681kb)
Resources for 11 to 18 year olds (pdf | 2150kb)
Training Digest April 2020 (pdf | 932kb)
A guide to using Zoom for our conferences, training and webinars (pdf | 288kb)

Front Cover smallThemed Resource Booklets 

Heroes and Villains 2021 (pdf | 7.5mb)
Common Ground 2020 (pdf | 5.28mb)
One Body 2019 (pdf | 4.2mb)
Additional drama for Common Ground (pdf | 134kb)

Front Cover small

Infant Feeding Policy

Front Cover small

Resources for church use

Resources for recruitment of volunteer leaders and helpers

Front Cover small

Resources for Advent, Christmas and Easter

Holy Week podcasts for 11s to 14s 
Easter Stations in Schools (pdf | 1118kb)
Easter story bag (pdf | 58kb)
Wilderness Reflections Lent Journal (pdf | 1129kb)
General Resources for lent and Easter (pdf | 886kb)
Resources for Easter (pdf | 539kb)
Preparing for Pentecost (pdf | 447kb)

Advent resource for 11s to 14s : Leaders pack – sessions on hope, love, joy and peace (pdf | 322kb)
Resources for Advent (pdf | 677kb)

Prayers and resources for other occasions

UN Convention on the rights of the child

Prayers for Foster Care Fortnight (pdf | 490kb)

2020 factsheets/resource sheets - Under fives and their familiesUnder fives

Fruits of the Spirit2019 factsheets/resource sheets – Fruits of the Spirit 

2018 factsheets/resource sheets – Holy Habits Holy Habits

Additional resources

Parenting and Faith – useful links for ministry to families (pdf | 322kb)
Children and Youth Theological Reflection Discussion Booklets (pdf | 316kb)
Pilots Worship Resources 2015 to 2018 (pdf | 470kb)
God’s Wonderful Circus – All Age worship (pdf | 82kb) and order of service (pdf | 166kb)
1 Corinthians 12:12-27 PowerPoint (pptx | 497kb)

Front Cover small

Pilots Overseas Voyage

Fiji (pdf | 2.63mb)
Taiwan (pdf | 4.56mb)
South Korea (pdf | 4407kb)
Pakistan (pdf | 6109kb)
Canada (pdf | 6867kb)

Front Cover smallEnvironment Sunday Resources 




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