Salt & Light


Read: Matthew 5:13-16


Consider this:

Throughout Jesus’ ministry, parables, stories, metaphors and images were used to help people understand His message of love, peace and justice for all.

In this passage, from the gospel according to Matthew, Jesus tells us that we are like salt and light.

Salt can be used to season or add taste to food.  Imagine Chips or crisps or peanuts without salt.

God’s people act like salt when they make life better for people around them, especially the most vulnerable in society. Kindness and friendly words, as well as supportive actions, offer good seasoning for life.

Salt can be used to clean things. Salt can be used to scour burned food out of a frying pan. Some salts act as gentle cleaners for our bodies, and can be used to clean our dishes.

God’s people can help clean things up too. Many churches support the work of poverty and homeless charities, or pack disaster clean up kits to send to communities who need them, helping to cleanse the world of injustice and inequality.

Across the UK, we occasionally need to use salt on pavements and roads to melt ice.

God’s people can melt hard hatred by adding our loving care to difficult and confrontational situations. We can refuse to be part of anything that is hurting other people, whether it is refusing to tease people and call them names, or refusing to buy products from companies whose actions support hatred and division.

Some lights are bright and help us see what needs to be seen, such as lighthouses, whilst other lights are softer and help us see the beauty of the world, such as candles.

God’s people often help to raise awareness of the oppression and suffering of those who are ignored or neglected in society, including the unemployed, people without families and people seeking asylum from war or discrimination. They also highlight things to be grateful for in God’s creation, doing whatever they can to make the world more loving for everyone.

How do we act like salt and light in the world around us? What might Jesus say that we are like today? How do we share our seasoning and shine God's light with those around us?


Offer this prayer:

Where there is upset,

Where there is despair,

Where there is pain,

Where there is hatred,

Let us pour on your seasoning of love, care and comfort.


Where there is injustice,

Where there is oppression,

Where there is ignorance,

Where there is exclusion

Let us shine your light of hope, strength and grace.


We are your salt and light in the world. If not us, who? If not now, when?

Help us, always to be true and faithful to you, as we seek to make the world around us a better place for all your people.

In your name,