Five Minutes Peace

Grab a cuppa. Settle down in a comfy chair. Let yourself have 5 Minutes' Peace...
... To yourself away from the chaos of life. To relax. To reflect. To meet with God.


Once again, the United Reformed Church was present at the Greenbelt Festival over the August bank holiday weekend, where faith and arts collide (

Take five minutes to have a listen to the homily shared as part of the Sunday Communion service. It was delivered by Becky Tyler, who has severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy and can’t talk unaided. She spoke to us using a communication aid, which she controls with her eyes.

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Read: Matthew 5:13-16


Consider this:

Throughout Jesus’ ministry, parables, stories, metaphors and images were used to help people understand His message of love, peace and justice for all.

In this passage, from the gospel according to Matthew, Jesus tells us that we are like salt and light.

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Listen to this, the title track from Andy Flannagan’s album ‘Drowning In The Shallow’:


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What challenges do you face? What waters do you need to swim deeper into? What does ‘it’s only when I swim I feel alive’ mean? What are your sources of energy and hope in times of trial?

Consider your responses and offer them to God, asking for the strength and courage you need to move forward.



Matthew 14:22-33

Consider this...

Peter, when he saw Jesus, stepped out from the boat and walked on the water. His trust was in Jesus. Peter got out of the boat and he did not sink. That is, until he took his eyes off Jesus. He allowed his fear of the waves and wind around him to distract him, and he started to sink.  How often do we feel that we are sinking below the waves? What distractions do we need to lay aside?

God longs for us, like Peter, to reach out in faith. As Peter sank, he called for help and Jesus reached into the water, pulling Peter from beneath the waves.  How often, when fears and anxieties crowd in on us, do we take out eyes off Jesus and feel that we are sinking?

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