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Walking the Way

Visit here regularly for resources to encourage and enhance discipleship exploration with individuals, local churches and communities.


Covid 19 resource - a resource to help us continue being the people of God in a time of isolation and lockdown.


New Reality, Same Mission - Questions and resources to help individuals and local congregations consider what it means to participate in the mission of God in a post-Covid world. Produced by member sof the URC's Mission and Discipleship teams to complement the Emerging into the "New Normal" document from the URC's Synod Moderators.


Building Disciples Online - During the Covid-19 crisis, especially in lockdown, it has been very encouraging to see local churches engage in worship and fellowship online. However, what about discipleship? How can we ensure that our interactions online are helping us to live out our faith in everyday life? Here are some resources to help.


Steering Group resources - official resources, including seasonal materials, which the Walking the Way steering group has produced or promotes to help you spread the word about Walking the Way and empower people in living the life of Jesus today.


Synod/local church resources - resources which have been produced or promoted by synods and local churches which may be of use in promoting whole-of-life discipleship.


Pray the Way - a website dedicated to prayer for Walking the Way, offered by the URC Group for Evangelism and Renewal (GEAR).


Resource Map - a tool to help you find the discipleship resources you need.

Walking the Way Living the life of Jesus today

These Advent-to-Epiphany liturgies for Walking the Way; Living the life of Jesus today honour tradition and reflect the concept of a journeying, growing, faith. They start from the first Sunday in Advent, move us through Christmas, and, as a further indication of journeying, complete in Epiphany.

The liturgies are short, use colour, and are led by a variety of people in the congregation. The weekly pattern is:

  • lighting of a candle (one additional candle each week)
  • a verse of Scripture (taken from the Contemporary English Version)
  • a short comment, with a question for the congregation (or group) and time for reflection and answers
  • a prayer with responses.

The liturgies may fit anywhere in a worship service, and will also work well as in discussion groups and meetings. 


Candle colour

Person lighting candle



Oldest in congregation


Dark orange

A brother



A mother



The youngest



Worship leader


All candles lit

Worship leader

 (Note: these candle colours are only a suggestion, based on the colours of the Walking the Way branding, and moving from darkness to light.)

Walking to Christmas

Walking the way and living the life of Jesus in Advent is a journey towards, and beyond, the celebration of the incarnation, releasing boundless hope, peace, love and joy into the world.  As we follow a well-known candle-lighting ritual, let us ask questions for today – how can we walk in hope or peace or love or joy in everyday life? 

If you would like to use the text of these prayers in other documents, please click here.

Walking the Way Living the life of Jesus today

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