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Peace Fellowship logoImportant Update: March 2020

The URC Peace Fellowship has announced that its work is to continue as part of the ecumenical charity, the Fellowship of Reconciliation.

After a period of reflection and consultation, the Fellowship’s committee decided last year that the best way for members to continue to be engaged with issues of peace making and peace building would be as part of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FoR), with which it has worked closely over many years. It has invited all members to join FoR, and will wind up its activities as an independent organisation this month.

The full announcement can be viewed here.

The United Reformed Church Peace Fellowship is a group of United Reformed Church people who accept God's call to human beings to live in peace and who are committed to discerning and obeying the urgent call of God to pursue Peace with Justice in the world.

Set up to raise the profile of issues of peace and justice in the overall mission strategy of the United Reformed Church, The United Reformed Church Peace Fellowship has, since 1999, encouraged members in churches to address peace and justice issues locally, and worked with the Church & Society Department at Church House. We continue to welcome contributions and suggestions from all members of the fellowship and are working to ensure that we keep in touch regularly, providing news and advance notice of important events in the peace calendar.

Representation at the Network of Christian Peace Organisations and the Fellowship of Reconciliation is drawn from the United Reformed Church Peace Fellowship committee and we are building our links with both organisations. Individual members of the fellowship are encouraged to consider joining the Fellowship of Reconciliation (

Over the years, the United Reformed Church through General Assembly has passed resolutions and made other statements on matters of peace and justice. Resolutions have also been passed on issues of nuclear weapons proliferation and the arms trade.

The United Reformed Church also works with ecumenical partners through the Joint Public Issues Team to respond to urgent matters as they arise. Representation on this is drawn from staff at Church House, and information is circulated to the members of the URC through their newsletter.

Who we are:

Our Patrons:

Revd John Johansen-Berg


Revd John Reardon



Our Committee:

Mr Andrew Jack (Convenor)


Ms Wendy Cooper (Treasurer)


Mrs Marion McNeill


Mrs Anne Parker


Revd Ann Jack


Keep in touch with members of the fellowship:



Regular newsletters are sent to members, where possible via email, but also by post, where this is preferred. See our recent newsletters


Member Meetings:

Member meetings are generally held annually, and our next meeting will be on Saturday 9 March 2019. More information will follow in the newsletter.


Get involved:

United Reformed Church members and local churches are welcome to become members. The subscription covers the cost of the newsletter and subsidises the annual meeting.
Annual subscription rates: £10 per person, £15 for a couple; unwaged persons pay half. Church subscription £30.
Download the membership leaflet.
Download the membership renewal leaflet.


Pathways to Peace Conference
including the URC Peace Fellowship AGM
8–10 March 2019, Hinsley Hall, Leeds LS6 2BX

A joint conference from the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship, Fellowship of Reconciliation, and the Baptist, Methodist and URC Peace Fellowships.

Our keynote speaker is Fabian Hamilton, MP for Leeds North East and Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament since 2016. We will also hear from Rev. Dan Woodhouse, a Methodist minister who in 2017 entered an air base to disarm warplanes destined to bomb Yemen.
For more information and to book your place, download the booking form.

Remembering - One Hundred Years since the Armistice:

New ways to raise peace making and peace building are always helpful, particularly when this has been so much in the public consciousness. In October Rev David Tatem gave the address at the Harpenden UNA annual peace service. The address followed the showing of a YouTube video of the song 'The Green Fields of France' (sometimes called 'Willie McBride') by Eric Bogle, which includes black and white images which illustrate the points which David develops in his talk. 
Download David's talk (PDF)