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You are invited to explore how the legacies of slavery continue to affect life today. The resources here include bible studies, films, books, papers, prayers and theology covering the topics including the history of slavery and colonisation, white privilege, restorative justice, and look at how we can begin to build more conscious, just and anti-racist communities.

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The United Reformed Church is determined to explore the Legacies of Slavery (see the Nov 2019 Mission Council report Healing: Hope in Action). The transatlantic slave trade was one of the largest forced migrations of human beings across the globe. Race-based chattel slavery, as practised in the Atlantic world, remains one of the ugliest forms of exploitation of other human beings ever invented. The legacy of that dismal history continues to impact enormously on people around the world today. (pic: Redleaf Lodi: Pixabay)

Read more: Legacies of Slavery

rjmm boatAn intercultural way of being and living is premised on the abundant generosity of God made real through Jesus Christ. Within the framework of vision2020, we commend the multicultural church, intercultural charter.

In modelling a habit of generous lives we……

  • will work intentionally towards mutuality in giving and sharing, for all of us are in need and all must be mutually inconvenienced for the sake of the other and the gospel
  • commit ourselves to the constant habit of self-examination, life-long learning, and reflection through on-going education, training, monitoring and evaluation of our intercultural engagement.

To this end, our work brings together a number of themes that intersect and interrelate to help us live our and deepen intercultural habits.


Worship is a key dynamic in creating a multicultural church community. As a process (not a recipe), we hope that the links to multicultural worship resources and ideas will help this journey to flourish.


Racial Justice Sunday

These are some resources that you may find helpful as you prepare for Racial Justice Sunday

Racial Justice Sunday Word Doc

Racial Justice Sunday PDF

What Kind of Love? URC Daily Devotions

What Kind of Love? Poem by Richard Becher

WIthout Love - Poem by Karen Campbell

In God's Image - Poem by Karen Campbell

Bound by Acceptance - Poem by Helma Cardosa

Sermon on Racial Justice Sunday by Melanie Smith

What are the Reparations? Worship song by Ray Stanyon



  1. Is God Colour-Blind? by Anthony G. Reddie
  2. Acting in Solidarity by Anthony G. Reddie
  3. Rejection, Resistance and Resurrection by Mukti Barton
  4. Black Theology in Britain by Michael Jagessar & Anthony Reddie
  5. Postcolonial Black British Theology by Michael Jagessar & Anthony Reddie
  6. Christian Worship: Postcolonial Perspectives by Michael Jagessar & Stephen Burns
  7. Building a Multi-Ethnic Church by Linbert Spencer

Bible Studies

  1. Jubilee Economics (a series of 6 studies)
  2. Listening out for Onesimus (resistance readings by Zadie Orr and John Campbell)


Reform magazine

The following essays and articles are taken from Reform, a publication of the United Reformed Church and relates to the work of RJMM.

  1. "Inclusion and the Gospel" by Giles Goddard
  2. "If God if for Us" by Christine Ohuruogu
  3. "A Man Who Can" (John Macauley)
  4. "Madge Saunders - Jamaican Missionary to Sheffield"



We Belong

Celebrating cultural diversity and living hospitality, We Belong “is a way of equipping us to enjoy [human] diversity and make us see our faith from a different angle… To walk in the direction which God intends we may have to be reminded of the route by meeting a stranger on the road. Then we may arrive at where we really belong".

Living Hospitably: An Intercultural Journey

As a hospitable and welcoming church, the United Reformed Church has been and continues to be the home for many migrant Christian communities. Hence, one of the achievement of the former (and last Racial Justice Committee) is the Assembly Approved Document, “Guidelines for Receiving Migrant Churches” which has been improved into a user-friendly pamphlet (Living Hospitably: An Intercultural Journey)

MC Toolkit

Multicultural Ministry Toolkit

To help congregations think about their multicultural welcome, we’ve developed a Multicultural Ministry Toolkit. The areas covered in the toolkit include welcome and hospitality; overcoming barriers; leadership; intergenerational concerns; mission planning; theology, spirituality and the Bible; meetings; and rites of passage.


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