Global and Intercultural Ministries


MCIH logo with 2 strapsWELCOME! This is the webpage of Global and Intercultural Ministries of the United Reformed Church. The URC commits itself to an intercultural journey of embodying God's love, living out God's word, promoting God's justice, and practicing expansive hospitality, the Jesus way—locally and internationally.

Together WE:

  • affirm one human family of many diverse ethnicities and cultures
  • rejoice in and treasure the variety of gifts of all
  • welcome ALL people into the community of faith
  • commit to work with our partners across the world
  • promote God's justice for all
  • commit to enriching every aspect of our life together
  • challenge/reject all forms of marginalisation


Church House bids the Revd Dr Michael Jagessar farewell

“Larger than life”, “passionate”, “gregarious”, “prophetic”, “infectiously funny” were some of the words used to describe the Revd Dr Michael Jagessar as he was bid farewell.

After 12 years of service at United Reformed Church House, Michael is leaving to take up a position with the Council for World Mission as its Mission Secretary for Europe.

More than 50 colleagues gathered at the URC’s central London office on 13 February for a celebration of Michael’s work, which included serving as URC General Assembly Moderator from 2012-14.


MJ cutting cake