Attachment Theory - Lucy Berry

hopeinactionHere’s the latest poem, written for us, from Lucy Berry – URC minister and poet. Each month we’ll be featuring a new poem from Lucy on the URC’s website and social media channels. This month’s poem is called Attachment Theory, which, says Lucy: "is about the difficulty many people face believing in, trusting in – and acting upon – both human love and love from God".

Attachment Theory
The theory is, if we were truly loved
at birth, and afterwards for a few years,
by Mother, or by other steady souls,
that we’ll grow up knowing that Love exists;
taking it in with milk, in sound and touch,
when nothing else around us figures much.

And the reverse applies. The less we got,
the less we’ll recognise the love we’re shown;
or have that clever knack of an embrace,
or understand what simple words can mean,
or comprehend a silence, or a look;
all things you can’t find in a self-help book.

The deficit is there at our first breath;
as we first search for an unwilling breast,
or cry un-answered in an empty room
or learn to talk amongst those who are deaf
or chilled themselves, or drunk, or just depressed;
terror at worst and loneliness at best.

Love is alive. We watch Love going on.
We can’t share in it and we don’t know why.
So, I suppose the miracle is this:
we are not sure that we believe in it ,
we are not sure we can put trust in it,
we don’t know how to do it. But we try. 

©Lucy Berry

Note: Local United Reformed churches who would like to use this reproduce this poem digitally or in  your church’s free publications only print are free to do so but must credit the poem accordingly: ©Lucy Berry.  Churches, or other bodies, are not permitted to financially profit from the use of any of Lucy’s poems.  Potential users, other than local United Reformed churches, must seek permission to use it and can do so by emailing the URC’s communications department.

Image credit: Concept of love and family © Engeny Atamanenko