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Jesus on a donkey credit Copyright Stephen Craven CC2.0Given today’s political climate in the UK and around the world, the Revd Dr John Bradbury, General Secretary of the United Reformed Church, reflects on how Palm Sunday is a poignant time for us to ask: "What type of world do we want to live in?"

Do we want to be led by the sweeping force of populist nationalism when history and the Bible has already warned us what the outcome will be or do we want to work towards what God in Christ would have us overcome?:

“Hosanna!”, they cried. A whipped-up crowd can be an exciting and intoxicating experience. It can be a toxic experience.

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Constance coverConstance - Pioneer, Pastor, Preacher – edited by the Revd Dr Janet Wootton – is a celebration of pioneers – of one in particular: the Revd Constance Coltman, but also many wonderful pioneers in our own day, women and men. 

The book is published by the United Reformed Church (URC) on behalf of the Council for World Mission, the Congregational Federation and the Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women.

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Simeon Mitchell webSimeon Mitchell, the URC’s Secretary for Church and Society, is to become Team Leader of the ecumenical Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT).

JPIT is a ground-breaking ecumenical enterprise, drawing together the Baptist Union of Great Britain, Methodist Church, United Reformed Church and Church of Scotland. The Team supports churches and Christians in working for justice and peace. Recent campaigns cover issues including climate change, household debt, asylum policies and economic renewal.

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