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Christian befriending charity the Link Visiting Scheme has launched a new resource to help churches reach and support lonely older people.

The Build-A-Link Challenge will take a church from initial discussions about the extent of loneliness in its area, through to a guide to understanding local services for older people, with suggestions about next steps.

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wyllieThe Revd Fran Ruthven, who served as a special category minister with responsibility for older people ministry, considers the vital capacity to bounce back from adversity.

It is no secret that older people make up the majority membership of our churches in the URC. And while I understand the concerns raised about the lack of younger people in the church, that concern need not dampen our appreciation for all the experience, wisdom and creativity that is present in our older membership.

In recent years there has been much interest in resiliency: the ability of a person to rebound even stronger from adverse events, circumstances or conditions. Resiliency is often seen as contributing to a longer, healthier, improved quality of life.

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