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This Saturday – 26 September – at St John’s Church Waterloo in London, the United Reformed Church's Southern Synod holds its Earthyear: The Conversation event.

At this conference, key academics, faith leaders and activists will introduce the latest thinking about climate change, and the most effective responses to the challenges. Earthyear: The Conversation is an opportunity for everybody to understand the issues at stake and how best to take action.

Representatives of the communities most vulnerable to rising sea levels will also be present. Speakers from the Pacific island nations of Kiribati and Tuvalu will speak of how they are responding to the likelihood of their nations becoming uninhabitable within their lifetimes. Maina Talia from Tuvalu says, "Our culture, our life, our heritage, and our language are all rooted in the land, I am afraid that Tuvaluans will likely lose our lands to the sea in the future if nothing is done."

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At the beginning of the World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel, Steve Tomkins considers how we can talk about conflict without making things worse

The deeper a conflict goes, the harder it becomes to say anything about it at all that does not make things a little worse, inflaming anger or hurt, or at least making someone bristle.

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doorhandleThe first in a series of poems from URC minister and poet Lucy Berry.

The Refugee

I looked outside this morning.
It gave me quite a shock
to see a face I couldn’t place
stand at my door and knock.

I don’t go much on strangers.
I’m quite reserved you see.
I like my life, my town, my home
just as they used to be.

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Peace is Like a Little Bird

Peace is like a little bird I hold in my hands;
fluttering, gentle, fragile.
Yet, beneath those soft feathers
beats a strong heart.
A heart strong enough to power its yearly flight;
A heart that will lead it to its mate and create
new life.

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