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A set of free resources to help set up businesses in rural areas is now available from the Arthur Rank centre.

Germinate Enterprise is a six-session business start-up course that helps participants to decide whether to start a business, what the right business is for them and whether their idea is viable.

The Arthur Rank Centre, which supports rural church communities throughout the UK, is looking for 1,000 people to lead the programme once a year in their area.

A survey for National Transplant Week found that Congregational and United Reformed churchgoers lead the way in linking organ donation to their Christian giving.

stuartdonationBut few can top the record of Stuart Dew, former URC Press Officer who has given 101 donations. "That’s blood, rather than organs", he jokes.

Stuart began giving blood when still at school. "The headmaster came into assembly and announced that he was going to give blood the next day. If anyone aged 18 wanted to go with him, they could have the afternoon off. That seemed like a good idea," says Stuart.

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robesonThe Revd Phil Wall, United Reformed Church minister in Pontypridd, discovers the link between American singer, actor and civil rights activist Paul Robeson, and his new home in South Wales.

The best discussions always seem to take place around the dinner table. And so it was last February when several members of my church broke bread, ate chips and enjoyed a drink together as we discussed the film ‘Selma’ – an excellent retelling of the struggle for civil rights in 1960s America – which we had just been to see.

Watching the true story of people of faith coming together in horrendous conditions to strive for a more just society drew tears, pricked consciences and encouraged us to question what more we could do to speak up against injustice in our time and place.

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