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Film still from the D Day landings showing commandos aboard a landing craft on their approach to Sword Beach 6 June 1944. BU1181 credit wikimediaThis year marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day, a pivotal moment in World War Two when Britain and its Allies began to invade Nazi-occupied western Europe.

On 6 June 1944, around 160,000 troops took part in the largest seaborne invasion in history when they crossed the English Channel to Normandy.

The United Reformed Church (URC)’s Revd Michael Meachin, Chaplain to the Royal Navy’s HMS Collingwood, offers a reflection on the anniversary, and the Revd (Squadron Leader) David C Haslam, Station Chaplain at Royal Air Force (RAF) Boulmer, dedicates a prayer for those who gave their lives in the pursuit of freedom.

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Thick group photoMore than 50 people from across Britain attended a special event in the Yorkshire Dales to explore what ‘ministry in the margins’ meant to them.

Organised by the United Reformed Church (URC), ‘In the Thick of it’ took place at Scargill House between 22-23 May and was designed to bring people engaged in mission and ministry in marginalised places together to discuss similar challenges, solutions, to learn from each other and be encouraged.

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Safe church credit Cartoon Mini ShutterstockHow can churches become safer for children and vulnerable adults? Ioannis Athanasiou, Safeguarding Adviser for the United Reformed Church, shares his tips.

Safeguarding is a growing issue for Christian churches and all faith communities. As disciples of Christ, we journey alongside those who have been abused, we safeguard the integrity of creation, and we all work together as one body to protect the wellbeing and welfare of all children, young people and adults.

In the United Reformed Church (URC), the completion of the past case review last year enabled us to learn and instigate a range of developments and initiatives to standardise good practice in all aspects of child and adult protection procedures and safeguarding practices throughout the URC.

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job centre credit JJ Ellison wikipediaA coalition of churches is calling for an independent review into benefit sanctions, saying recent changes to the system will not fundamentally change the impact on struggling families.

The government announced an end to benefit sanctions lasting longer than six months, but the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) (representing the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church, the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Church of Scotland) say this will only help a small proportion of families affected by sanctions.

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