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Daleen Ten Cate and a fellow protestor at the Preston New Road fracking site credit Kevin SnymanChristians who have long campaigned for a halt to fracking in Lancashire have called the government’s U-turn on shale gas extraction a “community win”.

On 2 November, the government announced fracking would not be allowed in England after a report by the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) said it was not possible to predict the probability or size of tremors caused by the practice.

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Tommy credit Les Hull GeographThe Revd Nicola Furley-Smith, the United Reformed Church Secretary for Ministries, reflects on the type of walls that divide people for Remembrance Sunday.

People have been building walls for thousands of years: those that keep people in and those that keep people out.

In recent years examples include President Trump’s 2000-mile barricade to keep people out of the United States, and the Berlin Wall that kept the people of East Berlin in a communist state.

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end hunger weekEnd Hunger Week 2019, a focus of the growing movement of people around the country saying that action must be taken on food poverty, has been a massive success, according to organisers. 

The national launch for a new campaign, challenging the government to create a plan for ending hunger by 2030, took place at Sheffield Cathedral on World Food Day, 16 October.

The event featured a Food Glorious Food choir and was featured in The Mirror newspaper.

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People gather at an opening made in the Berlin Wall credit US DoDTwenty-three people from the United Reformed Church (URC) are to join colleagues in Germany to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Starting on 7 November, the party will spend four days in Frankenthal and will be hosted by families from partner churches in the Evangelische Kirche der Pfalz (EKP).

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stepwise yorkshire group oct 2019In April 2019, six members of the URC Yorkshire Synod answered the call for a pilot group to road test as facilitators Faith-filled Life, the opening stream of Stepwise, the URC’s discipleship development programme. 

Initially, it took some time for the group to familiarise itself with accessing the information online, and it raised questions on behalf of those who have no equipment or poor broadband and this was fed into the Stepwise Task & Finish Group. 

Over the next few weeks, as the group began navigating its way around the Stepwise Hub, the members also got to know each other and felt they had created a safe space for the work as well as a sacred space where they could share their stories. 

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