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Ghana visit news bannerMembers of the Presbyterian Church in Ghana (PCG) recently met with senior URC staff at Church House as part of their mission to learn from partner churches, grow their denomination and create a sense of 'home' for Ghanaians living in the UK.

The Revd Prof Joseph Obiri Yeboah Monte, Moderator of the PCG, said the partnership between the URC and the PCG was important so that Ghanaians living the UK could access a ‘home from home church’.

He said: ‘The PCG’s theme for 2018-19 is “go and make disciples of all nations” and this makes us take discipleship seriously and we want to see how best we can work with our traditional partners and seek their advice.’

The Revd John Proctor, General Secretary of the URC, added: 'The URC has a strong and long-standing friendship with the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. So, when the Moderator and Clerk of their General Assembly came to visit Ghanaian congregations in the UK, it was a pleasure to welcome them to URC Church House, along with some of their UK-based ministers, whom we know well.

‘Our two churches have insight and experience to share. We can encourage one another and learn from one another. We value our friendship highly and were glad of this opportunity to refresh and strengthen it.'

Join the family news banner

A new, colourful, eight-page leaflet for those considering membership in the United Reformed Church (URC) is now available to churches for free.

‘Join the family: Membership in the United Reformed Church’ has been written by the URC's Faith and Order committee and the Communications Team.

The leaflet includes answers to: what it means to be a member of the URC, who can become a member, the origins of the URC and its aims and goals, how the URC is run and what the responsibilities of a church member are. 

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URC Time is Now banner picUnited Reformed Church (URC) staff from across the denomination joined thousands of people at ‘The Time Is Now’ mass lobby against climate change in Westminster on Wednesday (26 June).

The group gathered at St Martin-in-the-Field in London’s Trafalgar Square, to join URC General Secretary, the Revd John Proctor, and other multi-faith leaders, ahead of a march towards parliament.

Before the walk took place, the Most Revd Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, addressed the gathered crowd saying: ‘As we walk this morning let me urge you to keep in mind some individual faces; the individual faces of those in parts of the world who face the most immediate threat from climate change. People who have seen their habitat and livelihood wrecked by global warming.

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URC Youth news banner July 2019Reuben Watt, United Reformed Church (URC) Youth Assembly Moderator-elect, discusses the power of young people in the world and the importance of their presence at the Greenbelt festival.

Greta Thunberg and Louis Braille are two names that you may have heard of. Both of these people have one thing in common: before the age of 18 they had changed the world in their own way.

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Young women praying Balazs Fotolia 176971675 SThe Revd David Poulton, a retired United Reformed Church (URC) minister who lives with cross lateral dyslexia, has used his creative talents to create ColourWeaving prayers for the Daily Devotions.

David, whose form of dyslexia means information that would normally be processed on both sides of the brain has to jump back and forth between each hemisphere, uses colours as an alternative means to communicate with God.

In this form of prayer, colours are used to symbolise specific thoughts and feelings.

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