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Equality b nick young picimediaThe United Reformed Church (URC) Equalities Committee issues this statement in advance of when the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions begin to ease: 

The Equalities Committee is mindful that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way the URC, its committees and churches work. It celebrates the way in which virtual meetings have facilitated participation by people who are unable to travel.

However, the Committee recognises that new ways of working, while they provide new ways of participation for some, mean that others are excluded.

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Youth Reassembled news bannerTo provide a way to learn, contribute, as well as equip young people and adults involved with the United Reformed Church (URC) in as many ways as possible, URC Youth is launching Youth re-ASSEMBLED.

Each month throughout the year, URC Youth will focus on a different theme or topic.

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Geoff Felton webThe Revd Geoffrey Felton, Minister of Plume Avenue Church in Colchester, has been nominated as the next Moderator of the United Reformed Church (URC) Mersey Synod. 

Geoff was born and raised in Higher Bebington on the Wirral where he spent his teenage years before moving away to study.

He became a Christian in 1984 at Anfield during Mission England, a gathering led by late American evangelist Dr Billy Graham.

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