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Isaac Harvey news bannerOn December 3, countries around the world will mark the United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Isaac Harvey, 23 – a member of Vine United Reformed Church, in Redbridge, and an award-winning YouTube vlogger, who was born with limb/pelvic hypoplasia syndrome – reflects on the occasion with a short film entitled ‘This Ability’.

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Past Case Review URC LOGOThe United Reformed Church has undertaken a wide-ranging review of its safeguarding work since the Church was founded in 1972. This review took more than two years. It included careful scrutiny of records and an invitation for people to contact the Church and report concerns. A major and independently-authored report then followed, with key points of learning and recommendations about what the Church can do to continue and improve its culture of safeguarding.

One important step that the Church now takes is to offer a public and heartfelt apology to survivors of abuse, along with their families, supporters and communities, and to acknowledge that there have been institutional failures. 

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DGM at Korea conferenceThe Revd David Grosch-Miller, former Moderator of the United Reformed General Assembly, reflects on his participation at the Asia-Pacific Peace Zone Consultation, held on JeJu Island, South Korea, in September as a guest of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK).

‘The consultation was the initiative of the PROK and intended to look beyond the immediate concern of bringing an end to the Korean War.

‘The armistice signed in 1953 between the US and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPROK) does little to heal the gaping wound of a divided country. The people of Korea look not only for an end to the hostilities between North and South but for a regional stability that will guarantee a future of justice and right relationships. While President Trump and Chairman Kim, of the DPROK, dominated headlines recently, the churches of North and South, with the help of the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Forum on Korea, patiently build bridges and pray for peace.

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WW1 Soldiers in east Africa QF 12 pounder 18 cwt East Africa WWI wikicommonsWhile western Europe celebrated the end of the First World War on 11 November 1918, there was no sense of jubilation in eastern Europe, Russia, and Africa where fighting continued.

Leading historian, Dr Anne Samson, an Elder at St John’s United Reformed Church, Northwood, coordinator of the Great War in Africa Association and author of numerous books on the subject, including World War I in Africa: The Forgotten Conflict Among the European Powers, explains why.

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voting cardThe autumn meeting of the United Reformed Church’s Mission Council opened at The Hayes Conference Centre, in Swanwick, Derbyshire, on 16 November 2018.

It began with worship led by the Revd David Coaker, Chaplain to Mr Derek Estill, Moderator of the General Assembly. The Revd Susan Durber led the first of three Bible studies from Philippians, this one about cultivating the virtue of joy, despite our circumstances, as Paul did in this letter from prison.

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