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Boy and soldier in front of Israeli wall credit Justin McIntosh news bannerThe United Reformed Church’s (URC) mission committee has called on local churches to lobby the UK government over plans for the annexation of parts of the West Bank.

In May, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said he was committed to annexing parts of the West Bank in July once a joint Israeli-US team completes mapping the exact territory based on the conceptual map released by US President Donald Trump’s administration.

At its June meeting, the committee considered the threat posed by the Israeli government’s proposed annexation of a significant part of the West Bank. It then passed a resolution that strongly endorsed a parliamentary petition calling on the UK government to oppose annexation and to introduce sanctions if the annexation goes ahead in July.

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resized image Promo 16What we do with our money makes a difference, even down to the banks and pensions we use.

Roo Stewart, United Reformed Church (URC) Programme Support Officer (Church and Society) reflects on our relationship with investment, and highlights the findings of a new report that reveals how financial institutions are contributing to the production of nuclear weapons.

Jesus had some hard sayings about how we use money, according to the writers of the New Testament.

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Black lives matter credit frankie cordoba unsplash

The following statement and prayer comes from Karen Campbell, the United Reformed Church’s Secretary for Global and Intercultural Ministries, and the Moderators of the URC General Assembly, the Revd Nigel Uden and Derek Estill:

“I have come that you might have life in all its fullness.” Jesus Christ said this more than 2,000 years ago. But when will that fullness of life be afforded to all people – irrespective of the colour of their skin?

The United Reformed Church has no hesitation in adding its voice to the outrage and dismay expressed following the brutal killing of George Floyd. Floyd is the latest in a long line of black people killed in the USA by police officers – those whose sole authority comes from the motto “to protect and to serve”.

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resized image Promo 14A new URC resource has been launched to help people explore how they can respond to the current needs, opportunities and injustices in their local neighbourhoods.

It is hoped that New reality, same mission will act as a stimulus to renewed community engagement by individuals and local congregations as lockdown eases.

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Nigel and DerekAs their time as United Reformed Church (URC) General Assembly Moderators comes to a close, the Revd Nigel Uden and Derek Estill reflect on their two years in office.

Derek Estill
: My two years as General Assembly Moderator – visiting churches, being welcomed and appreciated – have been a joy and a privilege.

These visits have reinforced my opinion that we are blessed to have dedicated people living out their faith in active and positive ways and, in the process, being a real blessing to many more.

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