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Gladness and generosity bookThe United Reformed Church’s (URC) short film series which explores themes from the book Holy Habits continues with the Holy Habit of Gladness and Generosity.

The short film, directed by the Revd Dr Kevin Snyman, Programme Officer for Global Justice and Partnerships, shows the importance of this habit in shaping the kind of world we want to live in.

Holy Habits author, Andrew Roberts, said: ‘If we live in a world that is mean and me-centred, is ungrateful and moaning all the time, then that just diminishes life. But if we live gladly and generously everybody is blessed.’

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UK aid delivered to Haiti credit Department for International DevelopmentRussell WatkinsThe United Reformed Church (URC) has joined many other faith groups in urging the government to maintain its aid budget ahead of the comprehensive spending review.

Published in the Observer on Easter Sunday (21 April), an open letter, signed by the Revd Nigel Uden, Moderator of the URC General Assembly, and 26 other faith leaders, also called on the government to prioritise aid for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.

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Witness banner credit Elizabeth Gray KingThe Revd Elizabeth Gray-King, United Reformed Church Programme Officer for Education and Learning, reflects on the meaning of Easter Sunday.

Easter, oh, Easter. Resurrection Sunday. The stunning annual festival of forgiveness power and beautiful transformation reminds us that we are made new again. The Easter liturgy and events, retold in any way, tell us each year that no matter how dead we have felt, no matter how overwhelmed in a tomb-like hold we have been, no matter how we feel or know we almost died, we are able to deeply live again. Easter is what happened to Jesus, and because of Jesus, it happens to us.

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