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paul whittle 002The Revd Paul Whittle has been nominated to become Moderator of the United Reformed Church (URC) National Synod of Scotland for a three-year term, following the move by the Revd Dr David Pickering to return to pastoral ministry.

Since July 2008, Paul has served as the Moderator of the URC’s Eastern Synod and celebrated the 40th anniversary of his ordination in 2019.

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Cover October 2020The main question in Reform magazine this month is: How divided is our society, and what can we do about it?

The October edition provides four answers from different commentators, including MSP Murdo Fraser, who gives us insight into why, for Scotland, this is an acute issue. Find out why he advocates people taking a leaf out of Nelson Mandela’s book.

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Hope at St AndrewsHere’s a selection of news from the United Reformed Church (URC) that took place over the summer.

Church reminds community there’s always hope

St Andrew’s Church – a local ecumenical project including the URC in Skipton, North Yorkshire – installed a six-foot-high, rainbow-coloured artwork outside its building over the summer.

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