May 2020 - Henry Stapleton - East Midlands Synod

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Our youngest recipient so far for the Lundie Memorial Medal and Award is Henry Stapleton of East Midlands Synod who was nominated by church elder Joy Rice. This is what she told us about Henry: 

"I wish to nominate Henry Stapleton as he has been the answer to prayer and an inspiration to me. 

Imagine you are the village head man in York Village, Freetown. Sierra Leone. 2019 is the 200th anniversary of your village's founding. Back in 1819, freed slaves moved back and started living there so now is the time to celebrate. You are asked what you want for their village to celebrate and you say 'street lights'. It goes dark at around 7pm and there is no electricity in York Village, Freetown. 


Meanwhile in Nottingham there is a seven year old boy with a fascination for streetlights. This started with him compiling a booklet to give to interested people (me and a few others) and then his mother creating a Facebook page - Henry's Lamppost Appreciation Society - as interest had grown. 

On 19 February Peter Bates from St Nic's church Nottingham put a posting on Henry's page explaining about two friends, Ian and Heather from Nottingham, who live and work in Freetown. Ian had found a solar streetlight that he could supply and fit for £120. Julique was contributing £60 and they were asking for contributors for the remaining £60. 

Henry took this on board and along with his brother Toby, held a cake and lamppost-shaped biscuit sale at our church. He raised £150! I remarked that he was the answer to the prayers of Julique. Imagine someone in Sierra Leone praying for lampposts and then finding out that a seven year old boy on the other side of the world was raising the money! Answer to prayer indeed, and Henry agreed!" 

We are delighted to hear of Henry's use of his special interest to raise money for such a worthwhile cause and we know that his act of kindness has inspired others to donate and raise funds within his church and at the Christian Women's Fellowship convention too. We are very excited to hear how Henry decides his award should be spent, although he may have to wait a while for his certificate and medal until it can be properly presented to him. Bravo, Henry! 

Remember, you too can nominate a child or young person who is playing their part in the mission of God in their church, synod or community. Let's celebrate together.

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