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News from the Lundie Memorial Award Lundie Awards

Do you know a child or young person who is playing their part in the mission of God in their church, synod, local community or the wider world?

The Lundie Memorial Award is designed to highlight and celebrate such individuals who are using their God-given skills, time and talent to good effect. Each month for 100 months the Children's and Youth Work Committee are awarding a medal and certificate to one of the nominated children and young people, along with a financial award of £100 to be spent to benefit children and/or young people in the church, synod or local community, however the award winner chooses.

Read about the amazing young people and children nominated for this award and how the recipient chooses to spend the money.

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North Western Synod has, over the last few years, developed a scheme called 'Gathered Youth Groups' (GYG) in which young people of secondary school age come together in their local area once every half term to meet and play games and have discussions about life and faith. Often there are only one or two young people in a local church so this scheme gives them the opportunity to meet with other church-attending young people in their local area. 

Louise Tiernen, 14,  is an active member of the GYG at Bamford Chapel and Norden United Reformed Church near Rochdale. 

When the COVID-19 lockdown was implemented, the synod took the opportunity to organise a weekly virtual GYG for all the young people who attended local GYGs. This has proved very successful and the CYDO, Leo Roberts, wanted to move this forward by inviting those young people attending to lead some of the activities. It was the response to this idea that led Leo to nominate Louise for the Lundie Memorial Award. 

"Louise immediately offered to run an online music quiz for one of the sessions. It was a great success. She researched and delivered the questions herself. it was so successful that the other young people in the virtual Gathered Youth Group asked her to run another one and "Louise's Quiz" has now become a regular feature of our virtual meetings. In doing so, she has both set an example to and encouraged other participants to offer their gifts and talents to the benefit of the group." 

It is a delight to be able to make this award to Louise for her contribution, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown when it is such a valuable gift to be able to encourage others. I am sure her quizzes for the Gathered Youth Groups will be something they remember for years to come. We look forward to hearing news of your award presentation and how you choose to spend the money. 

Remember, you too can nominate a child or young person who is playing their part in the mission of God in their church, synod or community. Let's celebrate together.




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Our youngest recipient so far for the Lundie Memorial Medal and Award is Henry Stapleton of East Midlands Synod who was nominated by church elder Joy Rice. This is what she told us about Henry: 

"I wish to nominate Henry Stapleton as he has been the answer to prayer and an inspiration to me. 

Imagine you are the village head man in York Village, Freetown. Sierra Leone. 2019 is the 200th anniversary of your village's founding. Back in 1819, freed slaves moved back and started living there so now is the time to celebrate. You are asked what you want for their village to celebrate and you say 'street lights'. It goes dark at around 7pm and there is no electricity in York Village, Freetown. 


Meanwhile in Nottingham there is a seven year old boy with a fascination for streetlights. This started with him compiling a booklet to give to interested people (me and a few others) and then his mother creating a Facebook page - Henry's Lamppost Appreciation Society - as interest had grown. 

On 19 February Peter Bates from St Nic's church Nottingham put a posting on Henry's page explaining about two friends, Ian and Heather from Nottingham, who live and work in Freetown. Ian had found a solar streetlight that he could supply and fit for £120. Julique was contributing £60 and they were asking for contributors for the remaining £60. 

Henry took this on board and along with his brother Toby, held a cake and lamppost-shaped biscuit sale at our church. He raised £150! I remarked that he was the answer to the prayers of Julique. Imagine someone in Sierra Leone praying for lampposts and then finding out that a seven year old boy on the other side of the world was raising the money! Answer to prayer indeed, and Henry agreed!" 

We are delighted to hear of Henry's use of his special interest to raise money for such a worthwhile cause and we know that his act of kindness has inspired others to donate and raise funds within his church and at the Christian Women's Fellowship convention too. We are very excited to hear how Henry decides his award should be spent, although he may have to wait a while for his certificate and medal until it can be properly presented to him. Bravo, Henry! 

Remember, you too can nominate a child or young person who is playing their part in the mission of God in their church, synod or community. Let's celebrate together.

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16-year-old Charlotte Cassar was nominated for the Lundie Memorial Award by the minister of Petersfield and Liss United Reformed Church, Revd Josh Thomas. He described the wide-ranging contribution Charlotte makes to the Mission of God within her own church and overseas.

"Charlotte has been instrumental in the success of our ‘Youth Ukraine Mission’ team. For a number of years now, she and a group of our young people have accompanied the adult team of volunteers who serve two Ukrainian villages in the south of the country which border Hungary. These villages have suffered greatly from their historical position. They have been part of five different countries in the last century. Although some villagers can get permission to work in Hungary, most rely on subsistence farming for their livelihoods. They have different teams working to support the local ministers; running medical and dental clinics, a summer holiday club for children in school, and a youth and community team making pastoral visits to villagers. Charlotte has shown great enthusiasm and passion in her work with the school’s team and through this she has been able to share something of her Christian values with countless children and young people. As well as the impact she makes whilst she is on mission, she has also helped to encourage and inspire many other young people to consider taking part in the trip, which in turn enables these young people to discover and develop talents and gifts which they can use to the glory of God. All of this costs money and Charlotte is always front and centre when it comes to the fundraising for all of our young people. She has successfully helped to organise and execute a number of events for this purpose.

Away from the Ukraine mission, Charlotte is a key member of our church family. She is always willing to help out in any way she can. She regularly reads from the Bible, helps to welcome people to church, sings with the worship group, helps with the junior church and the creche to name but a few things. Despite having so many other things that take up her time, she is always enthusiastic and smiley and her faith really does shine through. The other children and young people in our church look up to her and I am sure that the way she embodies Christian service will inspire others to follow her lead. I cannot recommend her more strongly for this award."

We were in complete agreement with him. Another very worthy recipient of the award – we look forward to hearing more from Charlotte. 

Remember, you too can nominate a child or young person who is playing their part in the mission of God in their church, synod or community. Let's celebrate together.


Emma Jackson photo 2    Lundie medal logo full colour 2

Emma Jackson from West Kirby UrC was nominated for the Lundie Memorial Award by Debbie Hedges who is a member there. 17 year old Emma has made a real impact at the church, using her God-given skills and talents both in Sunday worship and in holiday clubs and children's clubs. 

Debbie says, " Emma is a talented musician and dancer. She has choreographed a dance for the theme song for the last two holiday clubs which was simple enough for the children to follow, yet worshipful. A dance video was then produced with Emma dancing which has been used for holiday clubs and also our monthly kids club, and has also been shared with other churches. 

Emma has also been playing the keyboard and singing in the worship band at chuch, and more recently leading worship. She has continued to do this on a very regular basis despite going to dance college this academic year, with the additional time pressures and demands that brings. her level of commitment is an inspiration to both the young people and adults in our congregation. 

She is without a doubt someone who uses her gifts, talents and skills to worship God, and for the benefit of the church. She does this without the need for reward or recognition, but I am delighted to nominate her to show my appreciation of her"

Emma is clearly another young person who is playing her part in the mission of God in a variety of ways and we are delighted to present her with the Lundie Memorial Medal and Award in recognition of this. Sadly the current situation (Covid-19 restrictions) means that Emma will have to wait a little while before her medal is awarded but it is safely in her CYDO's hands awaiting the right opportunity for a proper celebration of this young person's service to the congregation and community. Well done, Emma. 

Remember, you too can nominate a child or young person who is playing their part in the mission of God in their church, synod or community. Let's celebrate together.

14-year-old Trinity Pendlebury was nominated for the Lundie Memorial Award by Martin Whiffen. Minister of Chorley URC.

He described her in his nomination, saying,  "Trinity is a hard-working, dedicated young person. She gives time each week to help the Homeless and Vulnerable people of Chorley by serving at Chorley URC’s Open Kitchen. The work is arduous and not always pleasant. At times the folk at Open Kitchen can be difficult and aggressive.

"Trinity approaches her tasks at Open Kitchen both cheerfully and enthusiastically and her contribution to the work is
greatly valued. I have no hesitation in nominating her as a worthy recipient of the Lundie Prize.

"For information : Open Kitchen has served over 12,000 free meals to homeless and vulnerable people in the six years it has been

We look forward to hearing about the presentation of her certificate and medal and finding out how Trinity plans to spend the £100 award.... watch this space for more news, and hopefully a photograph or two 

Also nominated this month were 17-year-old Morven Sanderson from Scotland for her role as synod youth representative and her contributions to raising funds to help those who are homeless AND 14-year-old James Rowbottom from North Western synod who came through some difficult times to be a valued member of the church community, the Sunday School, the church choir and support for his cousin who has additional needs. It was a difficult decision to choose between these three worthy nominations and we hope that the church and synod will celebrate Morven and James when they receive their certificates too.  

Remember, you too can nominate a child or young person who is playing their part in the mission of God in their church, synod or community. Let's celebrate together.

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