Logo for Commitment for Life

Logo for 2017 

Please download to use in church magazines or posters

25 Years CfL logo for web


Normal Logo

The logo has been designed for differing media and includes a range of tones whilst keeping its identity. Only a selection of sizes are shown here to be downloaded. If the file type or size you require is not shown, please contact the programme co ordinator for more details.

Guidelines for use: These explain the positioning of the logo and different types of files available and their suitability for different tasks.

Powerpoint slides: Use these master slides for Powerpoint presentation when talking about Commitment for Life.

C4Llogo smallest CMYK


C4Llogo smallest CMYK



C4Llogo dark smallest CMYK

smallest dark


C4Llogo dark smallest CMYK

large dark

C4Llogo smallest Greyscale

greyscale smallest.jpg

C4Llogo Reversed smallest CMYK

reversed large