Challenging homelessness together

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Homeless Away from Home by RyanThe Revd Phil Wall a newly ordained URC minister now serving at St David’s Uniting Church, Pontypridd and Castle Square URC, Trefforest, takes a sideways look at Homelessness Sunday, marked this year on Sunday 18 January.

He says: “On Homelessness Sunday we are all invited to show our concern for individuals affected by homelessness – to challenge the conditions that create it, and to celebrate work that tackles the problem.

“Since August last year, I have been blessed to call Pontypridd home, both of the churches I serve have a proud history of seeking to serve the needs of the local communities, and in Ponty this has led to an emphasis on giving love and providing support for the homeless. Another long held tradition at one of the churches is to hold a “pie and poems” evening on the feast of the Epiphany. So, on 6 January we enjoyed word, wit and worship (not to mention some leftover mince pies!) and it is in the spirit of this that I have attempted a series of haikus for this year’s Homelessness Sunday.


Child in a manger,
Parents far from known comfort,
No home for the Christ.

Asylum seekers,
Scared in Egypt on the run,
No home for the Christ.

Wandering preacher,
Walks on water, up mountains.
No home for the Christ.

“The foxes have holes,
Birds of the air have their nests.”
No home for the Christ.

Through town and country,
Eyes fixed on Jerusalem.
No home for the Christ.

Criminal on cross,
Betrayed, denied, abandoned.
No home for the Christ.

On Sunday – life, love.
Christ is risen. The tomb is
No home for the Christ.

Emmaus journey.
Breakfast with friends by the lake.
No home for the Christ.

Good news. Yet today,
In hostels, under bridges,
No home for the Christ.

Denied, abandoned
On our streets and park benches.
No home for the Christ.

Chosen, challenged, church.
With love, not demands, might we
Find home for the Christ?

Prayer from Homelessness Sunday resources
Lord Jesus,
There were times you had no home, nowhere to sleep safely.
You were ignored and rejected by many who said they loved God.
Help us to recognise you in those we meet and not to make the same mistake.

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