Leading Worship

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Welcome to all who lead worship

You will find here information and resources about leading worship, becoming a Lay preacher, opportunities for developing gifts and skills, courses available as well as links to other relevant websites.

The Assembly Advocate for Leadership in Worship is a member of the Ministries Committee and works closely with the Synod Lay Preaching Commissioners (or their equivalent) to support and encourage all members of the URC involved in leading worship.

The Education & Learning Committee is pleased to offer grants to Assembly Accredited Lay Preachers to support them in further training. Please discuss with your synod lay training officer, and you may download an Application Form.

Upcoming events and courses

Here is a selection of some of the events being offered in the next few months. You will find others and more details if you use the links to colleges above.

At Westminster College

Lay Preachers and Worship Leaders Course – Sing a New Song – The use of Scripture in Worship
Supporting Elders 2019 – Leadership and Spirituality

At Northern College – Luther King House

The 2019 Lay Preachers Conference 

Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 MAY 2019
Preaching for “Ordinary Time”: Inspiration and Resources for Worship from Trinity onwards
The conference will support lay preachers and worship leaders preparing to lead worship in the non-festival times of the year; bible studies, practical sessions, and an optional evening workshop.

The College of Preachers

This ecumenical organisation runs a number of one-day events at venues around the country.
More details are available at The College of Preachers.


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