Submit photos that represent life of URC

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resized image Promo 20Bored in lockdown? Then help us by digging out those old photos!

The United Reformed Church (URC) Communications Department is seeking photographs from URC members that represent the life of the denomination.

Using the theme ‘24 hours in the life of the URC’ (before lockdown or any activities during lockdown), we would like photos which cover any activity that shows what the URC does.

By submitting them, you will be granting the URC permission to use the photographs in print and digitally. For example, they could be added to the URC’s Flickr account, which is public for all URCs to use, or used by the Graphics team for the next new series of booklets.

The department would like this to be an ongoing donation of photographs. Please send the photos by email to the Graphics team. All images must be sent digitally.

Clearly label all submissions detailing who they are from, and with confirmation that permission has been obtained from anyone in the photograph for the images to be used publicly.

Please note, the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 states that the copyright of photographs taken after 1 August 1989 is owned by the photographer. Please ask the photographer’s permission before submitting photos.


Image: Miha Jan Strehovec/Unsplash
Published: 11 January 2021

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