Help save village from drought

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Two girls carrying water containers on their head Riccardo Niels Mayer Adobe StockFor three years, the people of Zimbabwe have struggled to cope with the worst drought in a century.

The gushing water of Victoria Falls, a famous tourist attraction and one of the world’s natural wonders, has slowed to a trickle and most rural areas are now without crops, livestock and water.

After the United Reformed Church’s (URC) Minister, Naison Hove described the situation to his Worthing pastorate, the congregations of Emmanuel URC, St Andrews URC, and Littlehampton United Church are trying to raise cash to enable villagers to dig a borehole to access water from the ground.

“I was born and grew up in Mbirashava village and know the effect of the drought that we experienced during my teenage years,” Naison explained. “We used to get water from a nearby river called Mutorahuku (meaning carry the chicken), which is about a mile and a half from our home. The area has experienced severe and continued dry spells over the past few years and one cannot find a drop of water.”

Although there are always seasonal variations and a dry season in the country, scientists are blaming climate change as a major cause of the drought.

“When I visited Zimbabwe last August, I was touched to see an eight-year-old girl carrying a 20 litre container of water on her head that she fetched from a river – more than a three mile walk away – because she had to take care of her siblings,” continued Naison.

“Her parents died because of HIV and AIDS. My encounter with this girl touched me so much. I felt a need to do something so that the villagers can get water nearby.”

Naison’s dream is to raise around £6,000 to create the borehole. He will organise and oversee the project during visits.

So far, the congregations have raised more than £3,500 and plan to hold a range of activities until the summer to raise the rest of the much-needed cash.

If you would like to donate, please make cheques out to Emmanuel URC Worthing and send, Ian Bentley, Treasurer, Emmanuel URC, St Michael’s Road, Worthing, BN11 4SD. Donations can also be made by bank transfer to branch 209874 account number 90773409 Ref: Borehole.


Picture: Two girls carrying water containers on their head. Riccardo Niels Mayer/Adobe Stock
Published: 13 March 2020

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