Racial Justice Sunday resources

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Unity by Chichi OnyekanneFree resources for Racial Justice Sunday, which takes place on 9 February, are available to download.

Prepared by the United Reformed Church’s Global and Intercultural Ministries, the resources focus on “whiteness as a construct of privilege and oppression.”

The resources consist of sermon ideas, prayers, poetry, liturgies, laments, reparations, stories and hymns.

The Revd Dr Michael Jagessar said: “Discipleship is the big conversation point across our churches. We are all wrestling with what it means be a people walking the way of Jesus. We are also exploring the holy habit of discipleship in our renewed and renewing search for what it means to be followers of Christ.

“Discipleship as an anti-racist habit; it invites us to examine how racism and its related injustices operate in systemic ways … The ‘holiness’ aspect of this habit invites us to ask honest questions, such as: what about power imbalances, disparities, privilege, whiteness, and exceptionalism of all sorts?

“Discipleship as anti-racist living is a proactive way of seeing and being in life. It is an invitation to share in the transforming ‘economy of fullness of life for all.”

Racial Justice Sunday is described as an opportunity for Christians to reflect on the importance of racial justice, express gratitude for human diversity, pray for an end to misunderstanding, racism and injustice, and to take action that truly makes a difference

The resources are available to download here.


Picture: Diverse people praying by Chichi Onyekanne.
Published: 3 February 2020

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