A prayer for the LGBT+ people of Brunei

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gay flag peter hershey 282615 unsplashThe deputy leader of an organisation which supports and resources LGBT+ people within the United Reformed Church (URC) has spoken out against Brunei’s strict laws.

On 3 April, Brunei enacted strict laws that made gay sex punishable by stoning to death.

Alex Clare-Young, Deputy Secretary of Beacon: LGBT+ in the URC, was shocked and saddened by the news.

They said: ‘Criminalisation of LGBT+ identities is always a deeply felt injustice, but this senseless violence, justified by religion, is particularly heartbreaking. I call on my siblings throughout the URC to pray for LGBT+ people in Brunei and around the world and to consider speaking up against this outrageous breach of justice. If God's people keep silent, surely the very stones will cry aloud.’

Alex, who is also a student training for ministry at Westminster College, Cambridge, offered a prayer:

God, creator of all human beings,
The stones cry aloud at the abuses perpetrated against your children,
And we cry with them. 

We pray for the LGBT+ people of Brunei, that they would be protected against harm
and assured that they are your beloved children. 

We pray for lawmakers and all who have the power to affect change,
that they would stand up for those who live in fear of persecution. 

And we pray for ourselves, that we might be inspired to speak up against injustice. 

Lord in your mercy,
Hear our prayers.  


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