Discipleship stories: Urgent help needed

Emmaus credit Episcopal Diocese of Western MAA leaflet is being prepared in connection with ‘Walking the Way: Living the life of Jesus today’, the United Reformed Church’s focus on lifelong missional discipleship, to help people on their faith journeys.

It is based on the journey to Emmaus which contains within it four actions: the friends of Jesus stopped; looked; listened; and then walked back to Jerusalem. These actions lie at the heart of our walk with the Lord.

In the leaflet, we would like to include a section called ‘a disciple’s story’ which is a brief testimony from someone whose experience reflects one of these actions.

Do you, or someone you know, have such an experience and would you be able to write and submit 350 words on it? We are keen to receive stories from individuals within the community rather than a minister’s story.

Here is an example.

The purpose of the disciple’s story section is to encourage people to recognise the possibilities of following Jesus in the place that they already are.

We know there are many good stories out there across the denomination about how, as a result of seeing or listening more deeply, a new step of discipleship has become possible.

With your help, the individual’s permission, we would like to bring them to the surface and share them).

If you feel that you can help, please email samantha.bircham@urc.org.uk before 12 April.


Picture: Emmaus Companion/The Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts

Published: 7 April 2019