Church leaders’ call to prayer ahead of Brexit

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MPs vote on whether to delay Brexit still from ITV newsAs the UK approaches the date it is scheduled to leave the European Union, the Presidents of Churches Together in England (CTE), together with its partners Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI), are calling all churches to prayer.

From 27-31 March, the Presidents urge churches to find ways to pray, and to be opened for any in their communities seeking a space for prayer.

The Revd John Proctor, General Secretary for the United Reformed Church (URC), echoed this sentiment:

‘The prospect of Brexit is, by any reckoning, a testing moment in Britain’s history,’ he said. ‘So, it will be good to pray about the challenges and tensions it brings, with people from many churches and perhaps from public life too. Christians believe that nations and their relationships matter to God, and we shall ask that the wisdom of God guide our deeds and our dealings in the uncertain days ahead.’

Local churches have a long tradition of opening their doors for prayers or reflection at times of national need, and are encouraged to engage in similar expressions of prayerful concern for the future of the UK at the same time the Presidents of the CTE gather to pray, with leaders from other churches, on 30 March in London at 10.30am.

The UK is scheduled to leave the EU at 11pm on 29 March 2019, but a ruling made by a European court stated that the UK can decide to halt the process and remain in the EU at any point up to the deadline.

On 12 March, MPs voted against Theresa May’s improved deal, and have since voted to delay Brexit, but this needs to be agreed by each member state of the EU.

Mr Proctor added: ‘The Church’s contribution at a moment which feels quite fragile must surely include a readiness to listen, to take people seriously whether they agree with us or not, and to build relationships of trust and respect that transcend both national background and political opinion.’

Picture: MPs vote on delaying Article 50. A still image from ITV news

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