Fairtrade Fortnight focuses on women who deserve a living income

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CAYAT womens society Biasso village group 1Fairtrade Fortnight, the key moment for the Fairtrade movement in the UK, begins today (Monday 25 February) until Sunday 10 March.

For two weeks each year, thousands of individuals, churches, companies and groups celebrate the people who grow our food, many of whom live in some of the poorest countries in the world and are often exploited and badly paid.

This year the campaign is focusing on the people, in particular women, who grow the cocoa for the chocolate we love and buy so much of (669,000 tonnes per year in the UK).

The Revd Dr Kevin Snyman, Programme Officer for the United Reformed Church (URC) Global Justice and Partnerships, and Commitment for Life coordinator, said: ‘So many congregations do excellent Fairtrade work, year in and year out. Like Garstang URC in the North West Synod, which ensures that every member has access to Fairtrade products.

‘Commitment for Life is delighted to recommend the helpful resources offered by Fairtrade this year: films, digital content, posters and recipes - everything you need to actively show your support for small farmers and traders around the world.’

This year, the movement is also celebrating 25 years of Fairtrade in the UK.

The Fairtrade Foundation reveals that without a living income, basic human rights like food, accommodation and schooling will not be achievable.

The average living income for a cocoa farmer is £1.86* a day, yet, what they earn from cocoa typically falls far short of that**.

As incomes are low and uncertain, Fairtrade Fortnight 2019 has created a new ‘She Deserves a Living Income’ campaign.

Throughout the fortnight, the campaign will highlight some of the things many of us take for granted, such as education, housing and healthcare, that a living income can provide. 

Visit Fairtrade Fortnight for more information on what you can do to take part.

*Price calculated based on exchange rates on time of writing. **Based on Ivory Coast incomes, Fairtrade and True Price, 2018.

Picture: Members of Biasso Village Group's Women's Society/Fairtrade

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