New film explores biblical teaching through diversity

Bible lilian dibbern 684081 unsplashA new film in the United Reformed Church’s Holy Habits series was released today (Wednesday) and focuses on the holy habit of biblical teaching.

In the film, Andrew Roberts, author of Holy Habits, speaks about the variety of ways that biblical teaching can be explored.

Three people, who represent diverse areas and causes important to the URC, highlight some of these ways in the film.

Alex Clare-Young, who is training for ministry at Westminster College, Cambridge, and Deputy Secretary of Beacon: LGBT+ in the URC, says: ‘One of the contradictions about being trans and training for ministry is that some people automatically assume that my liberal perspective means I don’t have a love for Jesus and I don’t have a love for the Bible.’

‘This is completely untrue. I’m obsessed with the Bible and absolutely in love with Jesus.’

Referring to how ‘individualistic and torn up’ modern society can be, Alex added: ‘I think the real gift that Christ gives us is grace which enables us to actually come together and be in community and relate. If we really open up to that grace we can be a force that can actually change the world.’

The Revd Zaidie Orr, of Sheffield URC Team Ministry, discusses how differing cultural perspectives can also refresh interpretations of the Bible.

‘As Christians, the Bible contains our history and it gives us a sense of where we’ve come from,’ she explains. ‘So, it’s important to remember that our way of reading the Bible, isn’t the only way. Reading the Bible through the eyes of someone living in the Caribbean is very different to someone living in the UK today.’

The Revd Rosalind Selby, Principal of Northern College, highlights the environment and how the habit of biblical teaching can encourage action to help tackle climate change and reduce plastic waste.

‘The biggest thing that stops people taking action is thinking that anything you do is so tiny, compared to this huge problem,’ she says. ‘People walk away feeling depressed and that’s where, I think, preaching of the good news and the opening up of hope shows people how every drop in the ocean is hugely important and encourages their small steps.’


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Picture: A biblical passage highlighed by light. Lilian Dibbern/Unsplash