The birth of Christ, and baby Florence

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Baby Florence 2Peter Pay, a new grandfather and Moderator-elect of the United Reformed Church General Assembly for 2020-22, thinks about the impact of new born babies.

It is all about to happen; to become real. Up to now there were hopes, fears and expectations. The reality is about to be revealed. Will the new arrival be what was wanted, what was needed? Will it be welcomed?

What will the future be like? Will this change things? Will we like the changes? How will they affect us?

Our first granddaughter, Florence, was born in September. Such a small person but her impact on the family is already significant. Her mum decided to stop working, the house is reorganised, family routines, finances and plans have all changed.

As we reflect on the birth of our Lord on Christmas Eve, we recognise the effects of his birth. How through his life, teaching and death, he fundamentally changed our understanding and relationship with God. How he brought us the hope of salvation.

Yet, we also need to consider how unwelcome his arrival was to many people, especially the establishment. How it threatened the certainties of his times.

Change is rarely liked, especially if it overturns our position, our plans, hopes and expectations.

We live in times of rapid change. Some changes will be welcomed, some troubling, some will be resisted. Some will be what we hoped for, some what we feared. Not everyone will have the same view.

As Christ’s followers, may we play our part in bringing God’s peace and harmony. May we put our trust in God as he ‘turns the world upside down’.

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