‘This Ability’ a poem by Isaac Harvey a member of URC Youth

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Isaac Harvey news bannerOn December 3, countries around the world will mark the United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Isaac Harvey, 23 – a member of Vine United Reformed Church, in Redbridge, and an award-winning YouTube vlogger, who was born with limb/pelvic hypoplasia syndrome – reflects on the occasion with a short film entitled ‘This Ability’.


This Ability

Why are some people in the world labelled as having a ‘disability’?
When everyone has This Ability.

Are you wondering what I mean by ‘This Ability’?

Well, I am someone who is labelled with disability
as I use a wheelchair.
But, the wheelchair gives this ability to get here there and everywhere.

From car, boat and even slope.

I have a disability where I have no arms
But, LOOK WHAT I CAN DO with my feet.

I may not be able to walk
but I can talk
about This Ability:

Ice skating in a wheelchair – check,
Hold the Olympic torch – check,
Go to Shrek’s adventure – check ...
Let’s forget that one.

I am doing what I can’t
I repeat. I am doing what I can’t!
May that be through HARD WORK
as anything is possible.

This Ability.

It is like this ability gives me superpowers
No, no. This ability allows me to do the crazy,
the inspiring, 
even the impossible!

And you must be wondering … how?

Well, it’s simple really.
I have this ability
and everyone watching and listening
has This Ability:

And I’m not saying you should use this ability
To jump out of a plane
Because I am a little crazy
This ability could: let you experience something new
Do something different you thought you could not do,
Or get the job you have always wanted
Or achieve great things.

Or This Ability could … not …

Everyone has This Ability
not a disability, you decide how to use it.

# ThisAbility

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