Church planting duo makes more disciples in south-east London

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baptism news banner‘Our strategy for making more disciples in West Thamesmead is the three Bs,’ says the Revd Sally Willett. ‘To bless people, to help them know that they belong, and in turn, hopefully, they will come to believe.’

Mrs Willett ministers at West Thamesmead Community Church, in south-east London, along with her husband, Andrew, who is also a United Reformed Church Minister.

She makes the comments in The Holy Habit of Making Disciples – the fourth film in a short series produced by the URC which explores one of the ten themes featured in Andrew Roberts’ book Holy Habits.

Mr Willett explains that two years ago, he and his wife were called to the pastorate to plant a church with the ‘expressed intention of making more disciples’.

‘Holy Habits talks about the adventure of discipleship,’ he said. ‘[Since the church was planted,] ten believers got baptised and four children. It was a wonderful occasion with lots of people there, lots of people witnessing.’

Mrs Willett continued: ‘We pray that through the Holy Spirit they will be equipped to reach out and in turn bless others and to serve God in whatever ways he calls them to.’

In his introduction to the film, Mr Roberts says this habit is about creating healthy communities where people can ‘come to know the Jesus who loves them and gave his life for them’.

He added: ‘When exploring the holy habit of making disciples, it’s important to remember how Luke ends Acts 2:42-47. He says: “The Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” Maybe in these days we should not be surprised if, in revisiting these timeless godly ways of being Christian, we find more being added to our numbers as we follow Jesus in this way.’

Picture: The Revd Sally Willett, and the Revd Andrew Willett baptising a man at their church. 

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