Moderators share insights as they approach end of term

news banner alan kevinFor the past two years, the Revd Kevin Watson and Mr Alan Yates, Moderators of the United Reformed Church, have chaired General Assembly and other meetings, and travelled around exploring local congregations.

As they approach the end of their term, in an interview with Reform magazine, the Moderators look back on whether the past two years have been what they expected and share some of their insights.

You’re in the last stretch of the job now. Were the last two years what you expected?

Alan Yates: Yes.

Kevin Watson: Absolutely. I hoped that we would visit churches in our three nations and get to know what’s going on. And, patronisingly, to encourage them – but actually they’ve encouraged me, if I’m being honest, because to discover what folk are doing in their communities is just amazing.

AY: My fear was that Kevin and I would be the moderators that presided over a split in the United Reformed Church. Not because of who we are – just because of timing, with the same-sex marriage debate. I’m really thrilled that we did not.

KW: Important as that decision was, I would say even more important was the message that the URC gave to the Church and the world about how we live with diversity. We did not squash one particular view as being wrong, but we’ve embraced many views. That is a good example of how we live with diversity.

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