Walking the Way project manager shares plans for coming months

Simon Peters with HH bookSince December’s official launch of Walking the Way: Living the life of Jesus today, the United Reformed Church’s focus on lifelong Christian discipleship, much has been going on. Simon Peters, Walking the Way Project Manager, talks about the available resources, what the denomination has to look forward to, and the plans for the coming months.

It has been clear to me, since I first heard about Walking the Way, that the denomination is heading down an exciting path.

Since Walking the Way launched, we’ve released and promoted some great materials to help people think about missional discipleship. For example, the URC has created a free pick-and-mix menu of creative activities suitable for all ages for Lent. With this resource, you can find out how a trip to the cinema can create engaging debates, You can also use the resource and get to know people in your congregation on a night out at your local. Why not try this in time for the release of two new films Mary Magdalene, in cinemas 16 March, and Paul the Apostle of Christ, out on 23 March. 


To accompany Andrew Roberts’ book Holy Habits, the ten Holy Habits study guides – available to buy from the URC’s online store – are proving very popular in encouraging exploration into the crucial topics of biblical teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, sharing of resources, service, eating together, gladness and generosity, worship, prayer, and making more disciples. The URC will soon begin producing a series of short films highlighting examples of how these habits can be lived out.

A new and innovative way of finding resources will be coming to our webpages very soon. This will help individuals and churches find materials and suggestions suited to their needs through an interactive, effective and easy-to-use system. We’ll also let you know how to submit your own ideas and recommendations for materials people can use to explore missional discipleship.

Walking the Way is certainly not all about resources. It’s about asking questions and building connections around what it means to have a Church that makes missional discipleship a reality. As such, I am particularly looking forward to working with synods and learning more about where discipleship is already being nurtured around the country.

We are also inviting individuals and local churches to send us stories about how they are walking the way. Nothing beats real-life examples in helping communities see God’s presence in action.

Simon Peters portraitI feel very honoured to be playing a role in making all of this happen.

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