Church leaders aim to move mountains in Cumbria

moving mountainsAlan Yates, Moderator of the United Reformed Church General Assembly, and a number of other URC leaders (see caption for full details), will be taking part in an ecumenical mission to Cumbria from 8 to 11 March.

They will join the Most Revd John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, and the Revd Loraine Mellor, President of Methodist Conference, on the Moving Mountains mission which is organised by Churches in Cumbria. 

The mission comes under the ecumenical God for All banner, which aims to build on the prayers, planning and work completed across churches in Cumbria during the past five years, with the intention that everyone in Cumbria should know more about God and his purpose for their lives.

Alan shared an uplifting video message on Twitter about the mission.

'I'm looking forward to working with Cumbrian Christians to share the love of Jesus with everyone in the area,' he said. 'I'm excited by this not just because Cumbrians are lovely people, but because it is a great opportunity for Christian denominations to work together physically demonstrating we are united in Christ.'


Pictured from left, Mr Alan Yates, wife Mrs Kate Yates, the Revd Steve Faber, Moderator of West Midlands Synod, the Revd David Pickering, Moderator of the National Synod of Scotland, the Revd Sarah Moore, Cumbria Area President, and the Revd Paul Whittle, Moderator of the Eastern Synod. Credit: Andrew Mills