Show the environment some love on Valentine’s Day

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Two girls green hearts credit The Climate CoalitionA film made by the photographer Rankin and featuring the voice of singer Liam Gallagher is helping to raise awareness about climate change.

The film - A Very Hot Snowman - is part of The Climate Coalition’s ‘show the love’ initiative, marked annually on 14 February, and Linda Mead, coordinator of the United Reformed Church’s world development programme – Commitment for Life – is encouraging people to take part.

‘There are three ways for people to get involved,’ says Linda. ‘People can join in a conversation on Twitter by highlighting the early signs of spring in their neighbourhood, how it’s different from the past by tweeting the most striking sign of an early spring they’ve noticed to @TheCCoalition.

‘Or they can get crafty and create things like a naan bread heart pizza, or green heart-shaped macarons, a paper heart filled with flower seeds, or an eco-friendly rag rug heart.

Green heart in tree credit The Climate Coalition‘Schools can download a handy guide to taking part. This is a great initiative about helping to protect the things we love that climate change threatens and is about creating opportunities for a world powered by clean and secure energy. Last year a green heart was even sent back to earth by astronaut Tim Peake from the International Space Station.’

Commitment for Life is a member of the Climate Coalition.

‘We are excited to be a member of the Climate Coalition’ continues Linda. ‘Together we can show the Love for the places, people and life we want to protect.’

To make sure even more people see your photos and hear your stories, share them on social media using the hashtag #ShowTheLove. 

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