Don't lose sight of Christmas' importance

Baby Jesus credit unsplash credit walter chavezDerek Estill, Moderator-elect of General Assembly, reflects on the importance of Jesus’ birth.

In amongst the excitement and final preparations for Christmas Day we often lose sight of what that first Christmas Eve would have been like. 

No tinsel or lights for Mary and Joseph, who were urgently and anxiously trying to find somewhere to stay. Mary was about to give birth and Joseph worried about her and how things were going to work out.

Mary, of course, knew that she was special because the Angel had told her that the baby she was about to give birth to would be the saviour of the world and would enter our lives bringing hope and love to everyone.

It occurs to me that we can be so preoccupied with our busyness, leading up to Christmas, that there is a danger we will miss the importance of what we are celebrating.

Let’s pause for a moment. Think quietly about those who have no home or place to stay, hold them in our prayers, and resolve to be disciples of Jesus reaching out to those in need by Walking the Way and living the life of Jesus today, tomorrow and the next day.

Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. Happy Christmas!

Picture: Unsplash/Walter Chavez