What inspires our interns?

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amelia tomTwo United Reformed Church Commitment for Life interns Amelia Sutcliffe and Tom Hackett talk about what motivates them in putting Jesus' words into action.

Amelia Sutcliffe, current Commitment for Life intern

"I am inspired by the work of Christian Aid and Global Justice Now, as organisations which work with the worlds' poorest rather than just for them.

"This gives me a deep appreciation for Commitment for Life, a program which speaks to me about how we should be Christians.

"I am inspired by the teachings of Jesus to love one another and be committed to seeking a better world through justice, peace and equality. The Commitment for Life model of encouraging people to educate themselves on injustice and to be part of a movement seeking to eradicate poverty, is a great way in which Christians can engage in their faith and put Jesus’ teachings into action.

"As an intern I am excited to be part of the amazing work going on through Commitment for Life and encourage others, especially through my work in the youth team of Christian Aid, to be part of this global movement seeking a better world for all not just the privileged. And so this year I look forward to having a chance to chat to youth groups, lead workshops and reflections, especially regarding my trip to Bangladesh in November and Climate change."

Tom Hackett, Commitment for Life intern 2014–15

As Commitment for Life intern last year I worked throughout the UK, highlighting the scandal of poverty and empowering young people to take action to fight injustice.

During my trip to Ethiopia, I witnessed how climate change is affecting the world’s poorest first and worst, despite them having done the least to cause it. It was daunting to witness the scale of injustice; but this made me determined to raise awareness and to empower other young people to join the movement of change makers.

One highlight was leading a session at the URC Youth Assembly. It was encouraging to see so many young people who were passionate about social justice and committed to taking action.

Being a Commitment for Life intern has allowed me to learn more about the issues faced by our global community and has provided practical ways to make a difference.

Commitment for Life is the world development programme of the United Reformed Church. We encourage participating churches to take action, pray and give for people in our four partner countries/region of Bangladesh, Central America (Honduras, Guatemala. Nicaragua and El Salvador), Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, and Zimbabwe. We work in partnership with Christian Aid and Global Justice Now (formerly The World Development Movement) raising around half a million pounds a year from contributing churches. 

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