101 Donations

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A survey for National Transplant Week found that Congregational and United Reformed churchgoers lead the way in linking organ donation to their Christian giving.

stuartdonationBut few can top the record of Stuart Dew, former URC Press Officer who has given 101 donations. "That’s blood, rather than organs", he jokes.

Stuart began giving blood when still at school. "The headmaster came into assembly and announced that he was going to give blood the next day. If anyone aged 18 wanted to go with him, they could have the afternoon off. That seemed like a good idea," says Stuart.

Stuart is now approaching 69 and with age limits relaxed for existing donors, he hopes to continue. However, he acknowledges: "I have been blessed with good health, which has allowed me to give more or less without interruption, over the past 50 years. Even a single donation is precious."  

A constant supply of donated blood is required because blood and blood components, have a limited shelf life. Organs are also in short supply. On average, three people die every day in the UK waiting for an organ transplant, with 7,000 people waiting on the Active Transplant List. Find out more on the Flesh and Blood website.

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