Appeal: support Syrian refugees

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Syria’s civil war is the worst humanitarian disaster of our time.

The UN Refugee Agency UNHCR has recorded more than 1.1 million people crossing the border from Syria to Lebanon. Seven out of ten of these live in extreme poverty.

The church in Lebanon’s response has been generous and practical, being involved in relief work since 2012, providing food and other daily needs. They have helped with the rebuilding of churches as well as with the spiritual building up of the people in Syria, so that they may not lose hope.

The National Evangelical Synod is now asking for our help with a new project, providing schooling for Syrian refugee children living in camps in Lebanon.

URC friend and contact person Dr Mary Mikhael writes:

Children denied their normal childhood wandering on the streets to beg for sandwiches to feed themselves, can easily become a lost generation, easily become arms holders or commit crimes of stealing and violence, and are easily targeted by criminal agents.

The NESSL has started work on the project in Kherbet Kanafar in the Beccaa valley, where the they have an old school building: they have already identified 60 to 100 children aged 6 to 11 and found eight teachers who are ready to start assessing the children. The building has space for eight classes.

There is basic furniture, such as benches, tables and cupboards, but more will be needed. There are some computers, but not all can be used and there are not enough. Contact has been made with the municipality and the local session of the church there and they are eager to help in every possible way.

Once all the basic needs have been met, the school will start. Of the total £150,000 that is needed international partners have already pledged $65,000.

As partners of the NESSL the URC would like to play its part. Can you help?

If you are able to make a contribution towards this important work, then please send a cheque to the World Church department at Church House (payable to the URC Trust) and we will make sure that your donation gets to the NESSL.

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