Children's and Youth Work Committee Grants

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Our small grants fund is one way that the Children’s and Youth Work Committee supports activities and experiences for children and youth as well as the training of existing and potential children and youth workers. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the remit has been extended to include a grant of either £50 or £100 to support churches running holiday clubs and also to encompass other ways that churches may be engaging with children and young people during restrictions. 

Responding to the current COVID-19 pandemic which has obviously reduced the number of opportunities available, the Children's and Youth Work Committee has extended the remit of the small grants fund to encompass work in local churches to engage with children and young people in new ways during Covid-19 restrictions. 

Application form for Holiday Club grant of £50 or £100

Letter re application - updated for Covid-19

Application form (Project/Organisation) 

Support Reference Form (Project/Organisation) 

Grants are available to support a range of activities such as youth events, going on an educational trip, organising a youth exchange or a project of any type which will benefit children and/or young people in the URC. You can read further down the page about some of the projects we have supported in the past.

We welcome applications both from individuals and from groups. Please read the information letter and then fillin the application form and subject reference form below.   (NOTE: If you open these with Adobe Reader rather than in your web browser, you can fill them in, save them and e-mail them back to us without needing to print, scan or post them)

Information lettergrants

Application form for individuals

Support reference form (individual applications)

Application form for groups

Support reference form (group applications)


How has the money been used in the past? 

Our grants have been used very imaginatively and have had a huge impact on the lives of children and young people in the URC. Read some of the stories below to find out about their work, their experiences, and the impact that it had on their own lives and the lives of the people they met. You could be sharing your story here soon!

Holiday clubs 

Several churches applied for funding to support their holiday clubs, using the money to purchase craft materials, to decorate the church, to fund the provision of a meal or snacks for children etc. Read about the good use the small grants were put to on our Good News page.

Volunteering in Tanzania with Tearfund 2019

Bethany Davies applied for a small grant to help fund her trip to Tanzania as a volunteer with Tearfund. She was able to meet local people and discover how the projects set up by Tearfund help them, and she joined three others in volunteering at the local Nursery and Secondary schools. "I think it has been a blessing to be able to experience another culture- it certainly gives you a different perspective on life and allows reflection on how privileged our lives are at home."  Read more of Bethany's experiences here and find out the impact her visit has had on her life.

Duston BB trip to Jamaica to refurbish a school 2018 

Duston Boys' Brigade used the money to help fund a group of 16-18 year olds travelling to Jamaica to help refurbish a school. "The group went with the intention to give as much of themselves as they could, yet came home having received far more in return than they ever could have imagined." Read about their hard work and their achievements here. 

Volunteering in Sri Lanka with Project Trust 2018 

Megan Bennett Moir applied for a small grant to help fund her time volunteering for the Senahasa Trust in Sri Lanka on behalf of Project Trust. "Living in Sri Lanka has shown me that as long as you treat others with kindness, wherever you are in the world, you will always find help and happiness from others."  Read about Megan's experience here.  

Big Day Out at Warwick Castle 2017

Despite the weather, St Andrews Roundhay and Vine URC both had an exciting trip to the Big Day Out at Warwick Castle, with the grant scheme helping to make the long journey affordable. Read St Andrews Roundhay's report on their Big Day Out here and the report from Vine URC here.

Mexico 2017

Mara West approached our grant scheme to help raise the money for a trip to Mexico with GirlguidingUK. Read her personal account of her experiences here

Zimbabwe 2016

A group of young people were recently supported through the grant scheme to enjoy a life-changing time in Zimbabwe. Read more about their experience here.

Anglo-German Women's Gathering 2015

Hannah Warwicker enjoyed an inspiring time at the annual Anglo-German Women's Gathering. Read more about her experience here.

Tearfund/ICS 2015

Natalie Gibbs returned excited and enthused from her time as a Tearfund/International Citizenship Service volunteer in Bolivia. Read more from her here.

Pilots on Safari 2015

A great day was enjoyed by all attending Pilots on Safari at the West Midlands Safari Park, including families from St Andrews' Roundhay. Read their report on the day here.

Red Rose 2014

Red Rose is an International Camp held every 4 years and run by West Lancashire Scouts. This year, thanks to the grant given by the Children's & Youth Work Committee, Leyland Scouts joined the event and camped at Westmorland Showground near Kendal. It was a brilliant place to camp and they had a great week.

Botswana Exchange

East Midlands Synod took part in a youth exchange programme with the Botswana Synod of the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa. In the first year 12 young people and leaders from Botswana visited the East Midlands Synod. A year later a group of young people from East Midlands travel led to Botswana to return the exchange experience. 

MADagascar 2013

Rob Scoynes not only traveled all the way to Madagascar with the South West Scouts, but he then walked 100 miles across the country to really experience life Madagascan style! Read about it here.

African Adventure

Rebecca Scott spent one month volunteering in Africa, travelling to Nairobi in Kenya and Kigali in Rwanda. Part of her time was spent with the Peace, Healing And Reconciliation Programme and part with Maji Mazuri, an economic development programme. Read about it here.

Cambodian Communities

Emily Johnson got more than she bargained for when she visited Beng Mealea in Cambodia. She not only helped to rebuild a home, a school and did other community work, but she also found that it wasn’t just the lives of those she helped that got changed! Read about it here.

Ugandan Work Experience

Anna Gordon turned her hands to many things during her visit to Uganda through the International Selection with Girl Guiding UK. She found herself buggy delivering, bricklaying, desk varnishing and much more! Read about it here.

Dominican Republic Homes

Angela Such took 9 young people to the Dominican Republic for two weeks. But this was no holiday, but instead working with Mission Direct they helped to build 5 homes for refugees from Haiti. Read about it here.

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